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'' lobbyists an edge in building their business.''  -The Washington Post

''The Uber Lobbyist Dashboard''  -National Journal

Capitol Metrics unlocks the valuable business intelligence information contained in the Senate lobbying disclosure filings, giving you a more informed perspective on activity in the lobbying community. No longer will you need to spend your time and resources navigating the vast expanse of publicly available lobbying data to find the information that is important to you. With Capitol Metrics, in a matter of seconds you can research the lobbying activity of your competitors, analyze the relationships between lobbying firms and their clients, determine the most active lobbying firms in a particular issue and much more.

The following videos will give you a preview of the tools that Capitol Metrics offers.

Capitol Metrics for Lobbying Firms
Monitoring Your Clients and Competitors

Capitol Metrics for Companies and Trade Associations
Monitoring Your Firms and Competitors